• 7.15.2013

    Space News Interviews Alexander Seliverstov, Khrunichev General Director

    Khrunichev is one of Russia’s best known and largest space hardware manufacturers. It is best known as the prime contractor of Russia’s Proton heavy-lift rocket and majority shareholder of International Launch Services, the U.S.-based company that sells commercial Protons. But Khrunichev is also a major producer of space station hardware and has a small satellite production line for telecommunications satellites.

    Khrunichev General Director Alexander Seliverstov addressed Proton’s status and Russia’s new Angara rocket with SpaceNewsstaff writer Peter B. de Selding.

    Read the interview with Alexander Seliverstov here.

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  • 7.15.2013

    RIA Novosti: Angara Rocket Displayed at Khrunichev Center

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  • 6.26.2013

    Khrunichev and ILS Mark 20 Years Making Commercial Launch History at the Paris Air Show 2013

    Le Bourget, France - International Launch Services (ILS) and Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center (KhSC) conducted a media briefing during the 50th Paris Air Show, where 144 countries exhibited and over 350,000 visitors attended.  The joint briefing focused on the KhSC and ILS partnership over 20 years serving the commercial launch industry.  The discussion also centered on quality measures, Proton enhancements and new developments. Both Mr. Alexander Seliverstov, director general of KhSC and Phil Slack, president of ILS, provided a summary of the venture, then invited questions from the international media.

    A Sustainable 20-Year Partnership
    The 20 year ILS anniversary is marked by the establishment in 1993  of Lockheed-Khrunichev-Energia International (LKEI), the joint venture established to exclusively market the Russian Proton launch vehicle, later named International Launch Services. Bringing ILS into the KhSC fold–a longstanding leader in the advancement of global space programs–resulted in the “best of both worlds” combining the legacy of one of the world’s largest space production centers  with the talent and experience of the ILS team.

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  • 6.18.2013

    Khrunichev on display at Le Bourget

    Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center (Khrunichev) together with other space enterprises is located in the Russian pavilion at the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget, which opened on June 17 in France. The Khrunichev Center exhibit is part of the joint exhibit of the Federal Space Agency, Roscosmos.

    Khrunichev Center greeted both professionals and the general public during the Paris Air Show, to showcase its core activities in the field of space products and services. The exhibit includes a multi-media display on the development, production and operation of launch vehicles, boosters, liquid rocket engines. small spacecraft as well as large scale models of the Proton, Rockot and Angara launch vehicles. Significant space in the exhibition center includes is also dedicated to models of “Breeze-M”, “Breeze-KM” boosters and other rocket engines produced by the Khrunichev Center.
    The exhibit also celebrates a significant milestone in Khrunichev history; 20 years ago Proton rocket was offered commercially to the international market through Khrunichev subsidiary, International Launch Services (ILS). Throughout this timeframe, Khrunichev has been active and highly successful in the global launch services market, where its customers and partners include leading national space agencies and organizations, all major global telecom operators, as well as satellite manufacturers.

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  • 5.27.2013

    Khrushchev Space Center Named Best Young Employees of 2012

    KhSC’s Youth Council announced the results of the annual Best Young Employee contest for 2012.

    Twelve KhSC employees representing Salyut Design Bureau, Space Rocket Factory (RKZ) and “Khrunichev Telecom” who scored the most points in the qualifying stage of the contest entered the final part of the competition. Young professionals addressed the panel chaired by the Deputy Director General for Personnel E.M. Karachenkov. The finalists spoke about their accomplishments and results for 2012.

    As a result of the secret ballot the first place was awarded to Alexander N. Solovyov, an engineer from Salyut Design Bureau; second place to a Salyut Design Bureau process engineer Olga V. Nikolaeva, and the third place – Lylia R. Begisheva, designer from Salyut Design Bureau.

    Incentive prizes were awarded to: Ksenia N. Boldyreva, a software engineer from “Khrunichev Telecom”;  Salyut Design Bureau designer Julia N. Gerasimova, and an RKZ engineer Mikhail D. Romanenko.

    Seven young business leaders competed for the title of “KhSC Best Young Manager”. Selection panel for this category was headed by Deputy Director General for Research and Development,  V.N. Ivanov.

    At the end of participants’ presentations the panel chose the best by secret ballot. First place went to the DB Salyut Unit K212 Section Chief, Denis V. Kolesnik; second place – Denis E. Zharkov, deputy production manager for RKZ shop 21; and the third place was shared between Andrey V. Ignatov, senior foreman at RKZ and the head of Section 840 at “Khrunichev Telecom”, Dmitri A. Zabegalin.

    The winners will be awarded cash prizes, as well as recommendations for promotions.

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